Boullier D. (2019) Replications in quantitative and qualitative methods: a new era for commensurable digital social sciences (to be published)

  Social sciences were built from comparison methods assembling field works and data, either quantitative or qualitative. Big Data offers new opportunities to extend this requirement to build commensurable data sets. The paper tells the story of the two previous quantification eras (census and polls) in order to demonstrate the need for a new agency […]

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D. Boullier (2018) Medialab Stories: How to Align Actor Network Theory and Digital Methods

Big Data & Society (2018). In this paper, the story of Sciences Po Médialab told by Venturini et al. (2017) is discussed and completed by demonstrating the incoherence in the choice of digital methods at the Médialab from the actor network theory perspective. As the Médialab mostly used web topologies as structural analysis of social […]

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BOULLIER, D. (2017), « Big data challenge for social sciences and market research: from society and opinion to replications »

in Cochoy, F., Hagberg, J., Petersson McIntyre, M. and Sörum, N. (eds.), Digitalizing Consumption, Tracing How Devices Shape Consumer Culture, London and New York, Routledge.   A new generation of social sciences is knocking at the door. To put it simply, marketing and computer sciences take ownership and generate monitoring of the tools for social […]

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