social sciences

BOULLIER, D. (2017), « Big data challenge for social sciences and market research: from society and opinion to replications »

in Cochoy, F., Hagberg, J., Petersson McIntyre, M. and Sörum, N. (eds.), Digitalizing Consumption, Tracing How Devices Shape Consumer Culture, London and New York, Routledge.   A new generation of social sciences is knocking at the door. To put it simply, marketing and computer sciences take ownership and generate monitoring of the tools for social […]

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Boullier, D. (2017), « Big data challenges for social sciences: from society and opinion to replications »

ISA esymposium, vol.7; issue n°2   Big Data dealing with the social produce predictive correlations for the benefit of brands and web platforms. Beyond ‘society’ and ‘opinion’ for which the text lays out a genealogy, appear the ‘traces’ that must be theorised as ‘replications’ by the social sciences in order to reap the benefits of […]

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