BOULLIER, D. (2017), « Big data challenge for social sciences and market research: from society and opinion to replications »

in Cochoy, F., Hagberg, J., Petersson McIntyre, M. and Sörum, N. (eds.), Digitalizing Consumption, Tracing How Devices Shape Consumer Culture, London and New York, Routledge.   A new generation of social sciences is knocking at the door. To put it simply, marketing and computer sciences take ownership and generate monitoring of the tools for social […]

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BOULLIER, D. (2015)  » Cosmopolitics: “To Become Within”

From Cosmos to Urban Life » in A. Yaneva (ed.) What Is Cosmopolitical Design?, Farhnam: Ashgate.   The only way to get into cosmopolitics is to become embedded in some situations either as an ordinary actor, or with the light equipment of ethnography, or else “to become within” (Haraway 2003). This compels one to have some […]

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Boullier, D. (2016), « Cosmopolitical Composition of Distributed Architectures »

First Monday, Volume 21, Number 12 – 5 December 2016   This paper tells the story of several distributed architectures “from within” and from personal experience. Using a “cosmopolitical compass”, we shall describe four types of architectures — including P2P — that are currently being debated, and find four other types in P2P as such, […]

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